Fit 10 workouts in each month!

$59/month Active Bodez membership with unlimited usage and choose one option for the total monthly price*

$195 for 30 minutes per week of One-to-One Fit10N personal training

$350 for 60 minutes per week of One-to-One Fit10N personal training

Custom Fit10N available if none of the above work for you.

You and your trainer will develop a plan together that works with your schedule, goals and financial commitment.  Choose number of 10 minute segments per week from total body, core, cardio and stretching/balance and then determine what you will do on your own at Active Bodez, home or another facility.

*Why is personal training required?   From being in business since 2000, we have found that members are much more likely to be consistent, see better results and not sustain injuries with exercise when personal training is included.  We have 100% utilization, while most fitness centers are between 10-20%.  See benefits of Fit10N personal training for more information.