Efficient Workouts and Always Changing

I’ve been working out at Active Bodez Fit10N since around February of 2015. Before then, I relied on two nights of recreational league hockey to keep in shape. I have now added two 30 minute sessions at Fit10N per week. By my 40th birthday in July, I had increased in all of the beginning evaluation criteria (pull-ups, push-ups, flexibility, aerobics) and had re-gained my ab definition. While I do keep a better eye on what I eat, this progress was after only about 16 combined hours of working out at Fit10N. The workouts are intense, always different and personalized.

I have tried many other methods to get additional exercise in the past and I have tired of all of them within a month or two. One of the best parts is that now, at about 8 months in, I am seeing huge improvements in my hockey play; I am easily the fastest and have the most stamina on both teams on which I play and some of my teammates are in their 20s.  I highly recommend Fit10N and Alexius to anyone looking to get in better shape. For me it is highly efficient, well worth the cost and I have seen incredible, tangible results.

Michael Pail
Hardware Design Manager, Device Solutions

Consistent workouts

Consistency is one of my strengths. I’m able to maintain a consistent exercise routine at Fit10N. Once I reserve my workout appointment I’m committed to   being at that class. Thanks Alexius & Scott for helping me to maintain a consistent exercise routine.

Becky Martin
DHTS IT Analyst 2, Duke Health Technology

Member for Life!

I feel like I am a part of the Active Bodez family and I know this is the place for me. As far as I am concerned, I am a lifetime customer. Thanks Active Bodez for your services and support.

Katrina Freeman
Case Manager, BCBSNC

Overwhelming Employee Response…

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Health Fitness Designs and Active Bodez as both a client and as the Executive Medical Director for BCBSNC.  Employee response has been overwhelmingly positive.  They are knowledgeable, flexible and are able to motivate a wide range of       employees to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles.

Don W. Bradley, M.D.
Former Executive Medical Director, BCBSNC

Made a Huge Difference in My Life

Active Bodez is great! I’ve lost weight before but it never stuck. Now I’m healthy and in the best shape ever. Adding the weight training has made all the     difference in the world and I hate to miss it now. They make it very easy and convenient to get your workout in even with work, kids, and other appointments. They are really friendly and encouraging and I highly recommend them to anyone! Going there has definitely made a huge difference in my life.

Tiffany Davis
Programming Team Leader Biostatistics, PPD

A Wonder to work with…Great Results!

Scott and the Team at Active Bodez in Morrisville are an example of knowledgeable, courteous, and polite experts, who really work with you to help you achieve your personal best in fitness. They are simply a Wonder to work with and I enjoy the time I have spent there and the great results. It Shows!!!

Carolyn Anderson
“Active” Retiree