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sports performance training

specializing in most youth, ms, hs, olympic and pro sports: basketball, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, figure skating, lacrosse, volleyball, golf, softball, badminton, swimming, track and field, crickett and gymnastics


working with ages 10-20/Adult

training 2-3x per week utilizing sport-specific, scientific based program design with advanced training equipment:  keiser, vertimax and free weights

Utilizing keiser air resistance

  • smooth resistance allows movements at any speed to improve power, not just strength

  • exercises designed to mimic your sport/skill movements

  • increase resistance in small increments, as little as 1/10 lb, to allow constant progression and not deter proper form

  • used by some of the top sports training facilities in the world including EXOS (click for more on keiser)



VertiMax is one of the most effective vertical jump training systems in the world because it allows an athlete to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component which leads to superior vertical jump performance gains. . .  Coach Poe has a unique way of designing drills to mimic sports related movements utilizing the Vertimax for resistance overload.  Both Acceleration and Deceleration components are emphasized.  

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Our son started working with Coach Poe twice/week in June and recently said to me that he feels stronger and in better shape because of his work-outs with Coach Poe. My son respects Mr. Poe and therefore listens to him. He is in better shape, is more confident and respectful, and enjoys working with Coach Poe. See below for over 100 more 5-Star Reviews.

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