improve power and performance with keiser air resistance

Keiser equipment testimony 

keiser at active bodez

  • 2 Functional Trainers

  • 2 Performance Trainers

  • Power Rack with power meter

  • Multi-hip with power meter - inner, outer, glutes and thighs

  • Leg Press

  • Lat Pulldown

  • Chest Press

  • Row

benefits of keiser

• Virtually zero shock-loading to protect joints and connective tissue and reduce risk of injury

• Ability to adjust resistance in 1/10-pound increments at any time during the exercise without having to stop

• Monitor and track resistance, sets, reps, maximum power and percentage of maximum power with the Keiser Digital Display

• Safer, Dynamic Variable Resistance at any speed applies more resistance where they’re stronger and less resistance where they’re weaker — or where joints and connective tissue are most vulnerable to injury

• Keiser neuromuscular training yields greater velocity and an increase in acceleration — one that has yet to be proven with free weights alone

• Meet goals quicker like building strength, developing lean muscle, increasing power and speed, improving cardiovascular efficiency, losing weight and more

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